Custom Maple 5.5x13 *
Ludwig 5x15 Supralite
Slingerland 5x14 Chrome
DW 5.5x14 Maple
Ludwig 6.5x14 Bronze
WFL 5x14 Vintage
Ludwig 5x14 Supraphonic
Pearl Maple 3x13
Yamaha 7x14 Birch
Ludwig 5x14 Vistalite
Pearl Maple 7x12 **
Yamaha Steel 5x14 (high tuning)

No EQ or compression used, everything is flat and dry. You're hearing overheads (AKG 414s) snare top (SM 57) and kick mics (Beta 52 inside, D112 outside, and Subkick).

*-slight muffling

**-moderate muffling

All other snares are wide open (no muffling).