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Recording Gear

MOTU 16A interface

API 3124+ Mic Preamps (x2)

Rupert Neve 5211 Mic Preamps

Presonus MP20 Mic Preamps

Focusrite Octopre MKii Mic Preamps

DBX 1066 Compressor

ART Pro VLA ii Compressor

Presonus S6 Sceptre Studio monitors

Studio One Professional series software 

rack 2021.jpg
Rack 2.JPG
Rack 2 (2)_edited.jpg

Yamaha Maple Custom 10/12/14/20

Yamaha Birch Custom "Absolute" 10/12/14/20

Yamaha Stage Custom 10/12/14/20

Yamaha 14x24 Bass Drum

Gretsch 14x18 Bass Drum 

new kit_edited_edited.jpg
* w/ muffling
Beverley 4x14_edited.png
Beverley 4x14 Snapper
Custom 5.5x14.JPG
Custom 5.5x13 Maple
Ddrum Reflex.JPG
DDrum 5.5x14 Alder*
DW 5.5x14.JPG
DW 5.5x14 Maple
Montineri 4x14.JPG
Joe Montineri 4x14 Maple*
Kent 5.5x14 Maple
Ludwig piccolo_edited.jpg
Ludwig 3x13 Aluminum
Ludwig 5x14 Acrolite
Ludwig Black Beauty.JPG
Ludwig 5x14 Black Beauty
Ludwig Pioneer.JPG
Ludwig 5x14 Pioneer
Ludwig Supralite.JPG
Ludwig 5x15 Supralite
Ludwig Bronze.JPG
Ludwig 6.5x14 Bronze
Ludwig Standard
Ludwig 5x14 Standard
Ludwig Supraphonic.JPG
Ludwig 5x14 Supraphonic
Ludwig Vistalite.JPG
Ludwig 5x14 Vistalite
6.5x14 Black Beauty.JPG
Ludwig 6.5x14 Black Beauty
Ludwig Super Sensitive_edited.jpg
Ludwig 6.5x14 Super Sen.
Mastro 5.5x13 Plastic
Pearl 7x12.JPG
Pearl 7x12 Maple*
Pearl 3x13.JPG
Slingerland 10x14 Mahogany
WFL 5.5x14.JPG
Pearl 3x13 Maple
Remo PTS_edited.jpg
Remo PTS 4x12 Junior Pro
WFL 5.5x14 Early 1950s
Yamaha 7x14.JPG
Yamaha 7x14 Birch

Zildjian...Lots of them


17" Medium ride

18" Uptown ride

19" Ping ride

20" Medium ride (vintage)

20" Rock ride

20" Deep ride

20" K Custom Dry ride

20" K Ride (early 80s reissue)

20" K Custom Left Side ride

20" K Flat ride

20" A Custom Flat ride

20" A Flat ride

22" K Custom High Definition ride

22" Medium ride (vintage)


Hi Hats

12" Thin (vintage)

13" K/Z

13" Quick Beat top/K bottom

14" New Beat

15" New Beat


15" A Custom

16" A Custom

16" Paper Thin

16" Medium Thin

16" Medium w/8 rivets

17" A Custom

17" A Custom Fast Crash

17" K Dark Crash Thin

18" Thin

19" K Sweet Crash


8" Splash

10" K Splash

12" Splash

9.5" Zil-bel

10" Spiral Stacker

19" K China Boy


Shure SM 77

Shure SM 57s

Shure SM 63

AKG C-414s (XLS)

Shure SM 81s

AKG P-420

Shure Beta 52 

AKG D-112

Electro Voice 468s

Royer Labs R-10

Electro Voice 664

Yamaha Subkick

Mics 2.jpg
Royer R10.JPG
Electro 664.JPG
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