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"Why should I hire you?"


Experience and professionalism. With more than four decades of playing behind me, I can get the job done the way you want it in a timely manner. Having logged thousands of hours on the stage, in the studio and on the road, I've done everything from jazz to country to metal. I've worked with artists such as William Topley, Derek St. Holmes, Martha Wainwright, Glenn Tilbrook, Ace Young and Hazel Miller among many others. Helping you to have a great sounding project is my top priority.

"How does it work?"


You send me your song either in MP3 or WAV format. Hearing the full instrumentation would be ideal but a guitar/keyboard part and scratch vocal would suffice. A quarter note click track is recommended but not vital; I can also create my own click so just tell me the tempo marking (Make sure your track has a steady tempo! It makes things easier and the song will sound better). For me to come up with the right part, I'll need to know what you want to hear so offer as much detail as possible. I'll chart out your song, learn it, and then select the appropriate  snare, cymbals and drums. After recording a solid take, I'll send an initial version back to you with my playing to get your approval and feedback. Once you're happy with everything, payment is due and the tracks will be sent to you via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

"Can you make any changes?"


Absolutely! After the initial version, I can amend anything you'd like two additional of charge!

"Can you also add percussion?"

Yes. I can sweeten things up with shaker, tambourine, conga, cowbells, triangle etc.

"What are your rates?"


 $85 per song.

"What's your method of receiving payment?"


Paypal, Venmo

"What's the sample rate?"


24 bit and 44.1 to 192Khz

"What's your turnaround time?"


Generally, 24 hours although it could be up to 48 hours if I'm gigging a lot.

"How many tracks do you send?"


Typically I send 12  individual  tracks... kick inside, kick outside, Subkick, snare top and bottom, toms 1, 2 and 3, hi hat, room, and overheads left & right. 

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